Planning & Convergence
Department Activities
As per the Rules of Business, Planning and Convergence Department attends to the following works :-

Branch Subject
Planning (a) 5-year Plans, Annual Plans and matters connectedherewith
(b) District and Regional Plans
(c) State Planning Board
(d) Manpower projection and planning
(e) State Evaluation Unit
(f)  Issue of general guidelines regarding formulation and implementation of developmental programmes at the district level.
(g) Coordination and analysis of data required by the Government in execution of the Economic and Social Policy and interpretation of Statistics.
(h) To encourage and facilitate Departments to take up more and more projects in PPP route and provide necessary support for the purpose.
Coordination (a)Inter departmental coordination in formulation and implementation of developmental programmes
(b) Servicing the inter-departmental committees of secretaries
(c) Fortnightly confidential reports of District Magistrates for purpose of coordination of developmental activities.
(d) Voluntary sector programmes in Orissa
(e) Co-ordination of special employment programmes of the State
(f) Co-ordination of projects sponsored for assistance of World Bank and its subsidiaries except processing of the reimbursement claims
(g) Coordinate with Prime Minister’s Office, GoI for fast tracking of approvals / clearances in respect of large scale infrastructure and manufacturing projects in the State.
Training Training assistance under Technical Aid programmes
Directorate of Economics & Statistics (a) Matters relating to DES
(b) The detailed Annual Activities Report for 2008-09 in English and Oriya are enclosed at Annexure - I and Annexure -II respectively.

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