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Strengthening of State Planning Machinery :
This Centrally Sponsored Plan scheme, "Strengthening of State Planning Machinery", has been introduced since 1989-90. The main objective of the scheme is to provide technical support and to further strengthen sectoral planning capabilities. The scheme has been transferred to "State Plan'* since 1992-93.

Monitoring of Special Plan for KBK Districts :
The State Government have been implementing the Special Plan for accelerated development of undivided Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi Districts. With a view to ensuring effective implementation of the programme, the State Government have created an Office of the Chief Administrator (KBK) with headquarters at Koraput and have appointed a very senior I.A.S. Officer of the rank of Chief Secretary as Chief Administrator (KBK). Her main functions are to monitor and supervise the implementation of entire gamut of development schemes in the KBK districts and to send her assessment reports on the Special Plan along with her suggestions to the Government from time to time.

Support to PHDMA :
The Government of Orissa have embarked upon an ambitious "Fiscal and Administrative Reform Programme" to restore fiscal sustainability and improve effectiveness of delivery of public services especially to the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society. The programme envisages reduction of poverty and improvement in quality of life in general and human development indicators in particular. It is aimed at significantly strengthen Poverty and Human Development Monitoring System; to mobilize civil society organizations; and to create capacities within the State Government for tracking the impact of various reforms by developing appropriate data base and formulating suitable pro‐poor development policies / programmes / projects. Keeping this end in view, an Agency, called "Poverty and Human Development Monitoring agency" has been constituted. The Agency, among other things, aims at tracking the progress of Poverty and Human development Indicators within the State from time to time and providing an ACTIVE (Accurate. Compact. Transparent, Informative, Visible and Effective) monitoring system and to collect national and international best practices with regard to poverty reduction and improved life quality and adapt them to local conditions and disseminate the same to different stakeholders.

To develop appropriate programmes/ projects/ policy options that will help reducing poverty and improving human development, it is essential to undertake evaluation / thematic study of the impact of on going programmes/ projects/ policy by the Poverty and Human Development Monitoring Agency (PHDMA).

Support to PHDMA :
1.Odisha Infrastructure Development Fund (OIDF) for PPP projects This has been created to facilitate implementation of the objectives of the Odisha PPP Policy 2007 with a budgetary support of Rs. 5 crore for undertaking different technical studies and engaging transaction advisors.
2. State Viability Gap Fund (VGF) Assistance for Infrastructure Development The scheme envisages to provide financial support to PPP projects requiring such support to achieve viability. There is a financial provision of Rs. 40 crore for the purpose during the year 2016-17.

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