Planning & Convergence
MLA Local Area Development Fund :
The State Government have been implementing a scheme, "Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development (MLALAD) Fund" effective from 1997‐98 on the lines of "Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) Fund". Under this scheme, an amount of Rs.75.00 lakh is being provided to each constituency.

Special Problem Fund :
A "Special Problem Fund" scheme has been in operation for some time past to undertake developmental works of urgent nature.

Capacity Building of District Planning Offices :
For developing capacities of the DPMUs and various stakeholders involved in the planning process at district level for decentralized planning, formulation of District Plans, etc. provision are made in the budget to conduct training programmes.

Strengthening of Dist. Planning & Monitoring Unit :
Constitution of District Planning Committees (DPCs) at the district level and formulation of District Plan are the mandated functions as enshrined in the 73th and 74th Amendments of the Constitution. DPCs have been constituted in all the 30 districts of Odisha. The existing District Planning Offices have been strengthened by creation of a District Planning & Monitoring Unit (DPMU) in all the 30 districts. DPMUs will provide: (i) Technical support to DPC for preparation and consolidation of GP Plans, PS Plan and District Level Plan of Zilla Parishad and ULB Plans, and (ii) Assistance to the DPC for monitoring of various development programmes.

Development Programmes under Dist. Planning :
Planning & Convergence Department has been preparing Five Year Perspective Plan & Annual Plan from the year 2008-09 as per the mandate made in 11th Five Year Plan, with the active co-operation with the District Administration and TSIs. Since 2014-15 the preparation of Comprehensive District Annual Plans are being formulated in-house by the District Planning Monitoring Units (DPMUs) to facilitate the District Planning Committees (DPCs), Panchayats at different levels and Urban Local Bodies. Adequate funds have been provided under this scheme to facilitate people's participation, capacity building of the stakeholders, decision making, implementation monitoring and to meet the other requirements for formulation of realistic District plans and to undertake other development.

Construction of District Planning Office Buildings :
After creation of 17 additional districts in the State, new District Planning Offices have been created in all the new districts. Most of the District Planning Offices in the newly created districts are functioning in private rented buildings. Difficulties are also being encountered due to non‐availability of suitable office accommodations for the District Planning Offices. Steps have been taken to provide appropriate office buildings for District Planning Offices working in different newly created districts.

State Employment Mission (SEM) :
As there is very limited scope for generation of employment in organized sector, the State Government have accorded very high priority to generating self‐employment opportunities. The State Employment Policy, 2005 has been formulated and a High Power Employment Mission has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hoirble Chief Minister. Five Steering Committees have been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hoirble Chief Minister to approve action plans for various sectors and set milestones for the Executive Body of the Mission. The State Level Steering Committee on self‐employment has been constituted to review the progress of achievement under various Self Employment Programmes from time to time.

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