Planning & Convergence
Construction of District Planning Office Buildings :
After creation of I 7 additional districts in the State, new District Planning Offices have been created in all the new districts. Most of the District Planning Offices in the newly created districts are functioning in private rented buildings. Difficulties are also being encountered due to non‐availability of suitable office accommodations for the District Planning Offices. Steps have been taken to provide appropriate office buildings for District Planning Offices working in different newly created districts.

State Employment Mission (SEM) :
As there is very limited scope for generation of employment in organized sector, the Slate Government have accorded vers high priority to generating self‐employment opportunities. The State Employment Policy, 2005 has been formulated and a High Power Employment Mission has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Chief Minister. Five Steering Committees have been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Chief Minister to approve action plans for various sectors and set milestones for the Executive Body of the Mission. The State Level Steering Committee on self‐employment has been constituted to review the progress of achievement under various Self Employment Programmes from time to Lime.

Computer Training under SEM :
To deal with the problems of educated unemployed young persons in the State, it has been proposed to impart computer training to one lakh young persons during the year, 2008‐09. Young persons, trained in computer applications, could be suitably absorbed in different sectors after completion of their training support: (i) effective and accountable participatory planning and implementation for promoting inclusive growth, strengthening District Planning Committees, and supporting Panchayat Samities and Gram Panchayats with regard to plan up, monitoring and implementation, (ii) enhancing access of the poor to financial services and markets by leveraging private sector resource (i.e., public‐private partnership) provided through innovative models and feasible approaches, (iii) more secure land and property rights and enhanced access to skill development, employment and livelihood opportunities for the poor, and (iv) better access to information and organization for the rural poor, especially women, to overcome barriers to equitable participation in growth process and realization of their entitlements.

Other Special Area Development Programmes :
Besides the aforementioned development programmes, the State Planning and Coordination Department also formulates, administers and monitors other Special Area Development Programmes Viz: (i) Western Orissa Development Council (ii) Biju KBK Plan (iii) Construction of Residential Clusters (SCA for KBK, Districts).

Survey and Statistics :
The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is mandated to cater to data needs of various Government organisations and academic institutions. It is currently engaged in conducting various studies and surveys including state income estimation, capital formation, employment, national sample survey, annual survey of industries, census of state government employees, manpower studies, socio‐economic studies, economic survey and preparation of analytical reports.

Capacity Building of District Statistical Offices :
Accurate and uptodate statistical information are imperative for formulation of meaningful plans for various sectors. To institute a better Management Information System (MIS) in the awake of formulation of District Plans and their implementation and monitoring, the District Statistical Offices in the State need to be strengthened in the desired lines to meet the new and emerging challenges of decentralization of planning processes. This ongoing scheme aims at the same.

Construction of Office Buildings and Staff Quarters :
Construction of office buildings of DSO, Angul. DSO, Bargarh and construction of new hostel building of Regional Institute of Planning, Applied Economics and Statistics (RIPAE&S) will be taken up during the year 2008‐09.

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