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Up gradation of Regional Institute of Planning, Applied Economics and Statistics (RIPAE&S) :
The Regional Institute of Planning, Applied Economics & Statistics (RIPAE&S) functions under the Directorate of Economics and Statistics. It imparts in‐service training to statistical personnel working in different Departments of Govt, of Orissa as well as Public Sector Undertakings. It is proposed to impart training to elected representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions and conducts training programmes sponsored by the Government of India from time to time. RIPAE&S is the only Govt, training institute of its kind in the eastern region of India.

Crop Estimation Survey on Fruits, Vegetables and Minor Crops :
This scheme is in operation in Orissa since 1984‐85 and is fully financed by the Ministry of Agriculture. The scheme aims at conducting sample surveys for estimation of the area under cultivation, yield rates and production of selected fruits and vegetables in different districts in a phased manner. The fruits covered under the survey are: coconut, cashewnut, banana, mango and orange. The vegetable crops covered under the survey are: cauliflower, cabbage, onion, tomato, turmeric, chilli, okra and brinjai. Estimates of area, yield rate and production of selected fruits and vegetables are being regularly sent to Government of India.

Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics:
This scheme has been in operation in the State from the year 1988‐89 to collect quarterly and annual progress reports on different minor irrigation schemes from concerned executing agencies and Regional Rural Banks. A consolidated report for the State on different Minor Irrigation Projects describing projects completed, irrigation potential created and potential utilised is then prepared. Agricultural Census The scheme is being implemented in the State since 1970‐71. Seven such Censuses have been conducted in the State. The present Census in the operation is the 8l in the series. The Census aiming at collection and compilation of data on operational holdings in various size and classes are being carried out in three phases.

Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics :
This Centrally Sponsored Plan Scheme has been implemented in the State by the Directorate of Economics & Statistics since 1976‐77. The main objective of the scheme is to estimate the area yield rate and production of selected major crops in the State. From the Year, 2007‐08, the scheme has been converted to a Central Sector Scheme with 100% assistance from Government of India.

Critical Gap Fund for District Plan:
Critical Gap Fund of Rs 42.00 Crore has been created in BE-2016-17 to address the local needs in critical sectors like roads, drinking water, street lights etc.

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